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Extramind is where I started, they gave me the opportunity to be more knowledgeable in my field of work, they also provide great training opportunities. Integrity and teamwork in this company are just few best things to note. I can say that more than anything, Extramind values character and how important it is to nurture it. The friendships built here develop into special bonds are proven by time. This company truly has a good working environment and a great training ground to build your career.

Blessie David

(Employee of the Month, January 2022)

Extramind is a home where I felt belonged and appreciated. I’m excited, pleased and simply thrilled for all of the experiences I’ve acquired and will still be acquiring from Extramind. Those experiences are irreplaceable and are valuable to my career growth. I like how they challenge their employees and stretch us into different areas. We are also very blessed to have a management that encourages and empowers their employees to do their best thus creating great work environment and team spirit. I love how each of us are being heard and trusted since day 1. It is always a great feeling that I’m investing my time and knowledge in a company that is investing in me. I will be forever grateful to Extramind for inspiring me to be better everyday and for giving me not only a job but also a family.

Angelli Venus

(Employee of the Month, February 2022)

Extramind accepted me when I have zero experience. They trusted me and keeps honing me to deal with my profession efficiently. I have been able to experience every facet of accounting; auditing, end-to-end bookkeeping, transaction processing, bank reconciliation, payroll, contributions processing, tax preparation, fs preparation and fs presentation. They entrusted me to handle companies from different fields and let me make independent judgments. I am still learning, and this company supports me. What really stands out of this company is its culture. It is able to promote and cultivate an environment where employees are motivated, rewarded and acknowledged, leading to efficiency and productiveness. Overall, I am proud and happy of what this company has done for its employees and to its clients. 

Ean Mark Gonzales

(Employee of the Month, March 2022)

Extramind gave me the chance to grow as an employee in many ways as much as I developed my interpersonal insights. I could still recall my first few weeks in the company, in just a short period of time, I was able to learn so much, far more than I expected, and even up to this day, I keep on learning from my job, which I will always be grateful for. The company gives employees the chance to handle accounts/clients from different fields of profession, hence, the employees are engaged in diverse learning opportunities. I am beyond blessed to experience the family-like culture in the company where the whole team gives you the feeling of belongingness, empathy, and teamwork, and the bond built over time will remain irreplaceable.

Gabrielle Caspe

(Employee of the Month, April 2022)

Working with Extramind is a great opportunity and a privilege. The team has always been a guide and a mentor for me, they care about the well-being of both their clients and employees. They always share their thoughts and try to support each other. The lessons that I’ve learned here helped me grow professionally and personally. Throughout my stay here, I can surely say that extramind has been a very consistent and goal-oriented company.

Lance Karlo Carillo

(Employee of the Month, June 2022)