Dynamic Assets that can increase in value with time.

I have been working with Extramind for the past 4 years, and I would say that it is both satisfying and challenging in a good way. This is where I learned and grew so much personally and professionally. The healthy working environment is truly one of the best things I admire in this organization. All are very supportive of each other, they never hesitate to share their knowledge, time and effort to help and guide anyone. Employees are being heard by the management, and truly cared for. This is more than just a company; this is a family.

 All in all, if I had to choose again the first company to work for, it would still be Extramind.

Blessie Mae P. David

I’m experiencing a career problem in January 2023, and I’m spending a lot of time seeking a job. Then, I noticed this pub mat on Facebook that is hiring accounting staff. Despite my lack of experience or expertise in the field, I still applied for the job. When I first started working at xMind in February 2023, I liked that there were training courses available and that they would provide background information on the assignment. Every day, I learned new information about filing taxes and creating financial statements, all the way up to the point when I could present one. They will assist you in resolving any issues that may arise with your accounts. I have the impression that people are constantly there to support and guide me. I am incredibly grateful for their trust. xMind gives me the impression that my work was noticed.

Wen Annie I. Magsino

I have been with Extramind for 2 years now and my journey so far is filled with learning and growth. I can say that its culture is built differently (in a good way). The company values their employees’ work-life balance and that’s one of many things that I’m grateful for. I am fortunate that I am surrounded with motivated people who care about each other, making sure that no one is left behind. The leaders make sure that everyone’s hard work is recognized and appreciated. I am thankful to Extramind for trusting and believing in me, letting me handle clients of different industries from where I have acquired so much knowledge and for pushing me out of my comfort zone to grow and step forward

Angelli B. Venus

Working with Extramind is an excellent opportunity most especially when it comes to professional growth. Not only you get to experience and work with various accounts from different industries of profession, but you also get to learn consistently from different tasks and projects given. However, if I was asked what my favorite is from being a part of the team, I’ll probably say that it is the culture and the working environment of the company. This may be one of the things that I’m very proud of with Extramind.

Gabrielle Lhouize Caspe

From day one, I felt welcomed and valued, with colleagues and leadership alike creating an atmosphere that encourages open communication and idea-sharing. The commitment to professional growth is evident through xMind’s initiatives such as giving training/seminars or webinars that can supplement our skills. These efforts not only demonstrate the company’s investment in its employees but also contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of skills and knowledge.
Moreover, our supervisors’ approachability and genuine interest in the well-being of employees create a supportive work environment. This, coupled with hybrid work arrangements and a recognition culture, makes xMind a place where individuals not only excel professionally but also feel appreciated.

I will always be grateful working in xMind.

Mariel Joie A. Caringal

With a profound sense of gratitude and humility, I am honored to be recognized as the employee of the Month for the month of October 2023, especially while navigating the challenges of the graveyard shift from the confines of my home.

Working through the silent hours of the night demands resilience and dedication, and I want to acknowledge the exceptional team spirit that has made this recognition possible. The trust and support from my family Extramind and each one of my colleagues from my night shift have been my driving force.

In the realm of virtual collaboration, where distance can feel daunting, Extramind’s collective commitment to excellence has shone brightly. They have continued to adapt, innovate, and support me, knowing that our combined efforts transcend time zones.

This achievement is a testament to the strength of our team, and I am grateful to share this honor with all of you. Here’s to conquering challenges together and proving that success knows no boundaries. Thank you for this incredible acknowledgment.

Abelardo Francisco

One company that a recent graduate student would seek for is Extramind. It has been my training ground ever since I was an intern. The company will do everything in their power to maximize your professional potential. Extramind has been incredibly kind to their employees; they encourage, recognize, and reward an employee’s tireless effort. Is it possible to include the fact that Extramind have a healthy support environment?  It feels so homey.  Rather than experiencing burnout, I constantly consider how I can make a major contribution to this organization and vice versa.

In a nutshell, this organization has been a source of great joy for me. All the learnings and memories will hold a particular place in my heart.

Mark Daniel M. Manansala